Establish your 2020 Digital Marketing Goals with Vende Digital

by Vende Digital
  |  November 6, 2019  |  
November 6, 2019

Email Header for the Digital Echo 2020 newsletter in which Vende Digital will help you reach your 2020 digital marketing goals
In 2020, Vende Digital will be celebrating 20 years in the digital marketing space. Our history dates back to the mid-90s when the Internet had just started to be used by businesses (known then as the World Wide Web). We started with SEO–which was about all you could do back then. Ever since then, our team has worked for hundreds of B2B clients across most industry segments anticipating industry changes and expanding their businesses. In 2020, Vende Digital wants to help our clients reach their 2020 digital marketing goals.

Establish your 2020 Digital Marketing Goals with Vende Digital

The Digital Echo

Over the past year, we have kept you ahead of your competition by delivering digital marketing news and strategies right to your inbox. We have covered many topics, from actionable Social Selling to overall marketing strategies like Marketing Automation, and even specific tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile. We hope our newsletter has been a helpful source of news and information. We aren’t stopping now, but we are changing.

You’ll be seeing something new from us in your inbox this month. To celebrate our 20th anniversary and “keep it 2020” by helping all of our clients reach their 2020 marketing goals, we have refreshed our monthly newsletter with a new look and a new name.

Of course, it took some collaboration within Vende Digital to land on a new name that makes sense for what we do and what we want to provide for you each month. After much discussion and a lot of brainstorming, we landed on the idea that our newsletter is a source of curated digital marketing news, tips, and strategies for our readers. 

In a sense, we are repeating to you what we see and learn while working with you, our clients, every day. We share with you what has succeeded and what hasn’t. We let you in on the office talk about a new Facebook change or an upcoming Google feature. In short, our monthly newsletter to you becomes a reflection of what we are learning and discussing on the job. It’s an echo. A Digital Echo.

Email Header for the Digital Echo 2020 newsletter in which Vende Digital will help you reach your 2020 digital marketing goals

The creation, or recreation, of the Digital Echo is our way to “Keep it 2020” and add value by providing our clients with a 2020 vision into digital marketing changes and trends. 

Keeping it 2020

At Vende Digital, we want the best for our clients. Internally, we call it “winning” – when you win, that is to say, reach your marketing goals, we win too. We want to learn what winning looks like for all B2B businesses from our office to yours. That’s why we decided to start a conversation about Keeping it 2020 this year. We know every business outlines their year with possibilities, and we hope to help you realize your potential with 2020 digital marketing goals that work for your business.

Between our 20th year as a digital marketing agency and upholding our promises for transparency, the inspiration for attaining our 2020 “vision”…get it?…never ends. But to keep it real with how we approach marketing, we need to learn more about your business. 

Our Vende promise is to always be transparent with our clients. We share when we win, but we are also up-front when we have to work on something. We love working with our clients to find actionable solutions for all of their digital marketing problems, big or small. That’s why we ensure mutual success with our 90:30 Guarantee. For any client that has gone through strategy with us,  we give the client the freedom to cancel with us for any reason with a 30-day notice after 90 days of campaign execution.

How Can We Help You With Your 2020 Digital Marketing Goals?

As we approach the end of every year, we begin planning and preparing Vende Digital’s marketing strategy for the next year. We want to know what winning looks like for us so that we can create a roadmap showing how to get there. By setting aside time to think through our 2020 digital marketing goals, we can easily see when we hit the target, when we don’t, and what we can do to improve.

We want you to have the best 2020 possible as well! So take some time. Think about what you want to achieve for your business next year. Or, if you’re stumped, reach out to us, and we can help you think it through. After establishing your goals, Vende Digital can help you reach them. We offer strategic planning, customer persona development, and content marketing services that can help. Schedule a discovery meeting today, and let’s start your journey to reaching your 2020 digital marketing goals together!

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