Growing Your Business
Is Our Business!

If you are wanting to get your business in front of more buyers, we’d love to partner with you!

You will work directly with one of the Vende leadership team to combine your knowledge of your products/services, purpose and passion with our knowledge of digital marketing and what it takes to get your buyers to say, “YES!”
It’s this combination that will move your business forward.

A Different Kind of B2B Digital Agency


20+ years in business with decades of combined marketing experience.


Masters of turning suspects into MQLs and SQLs.

Outcome Focused

Dedicated to achieving your goals and objectives. So much so, we guarantee our work.


Nimble, agile, eager to serve the right client.

Jasper Solutions Partner

Helping B2B brands adopt and use generative AI to See Better and Do more.

Certified HubSpot Partner

CRM and marketing automation solutions designed to create a measurable impact.

Vende Digital is more than just a job to us.

We don’t work at a place where we just punch a clock, do our job, punch out, go home, and come back for another day. We are passionate about making valuable differences for each of our clients.

Our history dates back to the mid 90’s when the Internet was just starting to be used by businesses. Since then, our team has worked for hundreds of B2B clients across most industry segments.

Our Leadership Team

Paul Slack, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist

Paul Slack, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist

Paul has been in digital marketing since the Internet boom of the 90’s. With 20+ years of digital marketing experience, Paul loves fueling the difference for others. At Vende, that means leading his team of marketing pros to build successful digital plans for clients. His #1 aim is to see your company meet its goals, grow in digital expertise, and become one of the most recognized brands in your industry. Nothing makes him happier than figuring out how to make digital marketing work for a client and seeing the results.

Beth Slack, CFO

Beth Slack, CFO

Also known as “Mama Bear”, Beth makes corporate fiscal health her personal business. She has been holding the purse strings for Vende’s parent company, WebDex, for about 10 years now, and nothing thrills her soul more than a beautiful ledger where everything lines up so that the marketing pros can do their jobs without a hitch.

On a typical day, she’s invoicing clients, paying the bills, processing paychecks, and keeping the budget in shipshape. When the rest of the staff start getting carried away in her presence with words like “SEOs” and “googlebots,” she scares them away with one of her spreadsheets. She’s the nicest bill collector you’ll ever meet.

Mindy Stoker, COO

Mindy Stoker, COO

“Let’s make it happen” sums up Mindy’s role. With 10+ years of account management and digital marketing experience from Texas to Beirut, Mindy now oversees the fulfillment operations at Vende. From this position, she gets to lead the everyday success of the team and influence every role, from strategy development and client on boarding to staff training and building business systems and processes.

Bottomline business outcomes are Mindy’s cup of tea, and always while building team. When someone has a big vision, Mindy makes sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed and that everyone is fully equipped to deliver remarkable results. She also values the team spirit in which the job gets done and the comradery and entrepreneurial energy at Vende bring joy to her work.

Ray Larson, Director of Client Services

Ray Larson, Director of Client Services

After 20 years of business ownership, Ray knows what keeps business leaders up at night. Now he’s dedicated to solving their marketing problems and putting their minds at rest. As a former Vende client himself, Ray’s job is to view the full agency relationship from a CEO’s perspective, ask good questions, and make sure our clients feel great about the service and results they’re getting. 

Ray is passionate about winning (in more ways than one), and has the most credentials and certifications on staff. He’s wise, hard-hitting, enthusiastic, and his contagious personality keeps customer service high-touch. He’s a great listening ear and will talk to you about anything you need. The only thing he’d prefer not to discuss is cats.

Pippa, Chief Morale Officer

Pippa, Chief Morale Officer

Every business needs someone who is focused on the happiness and well being of its team members.  On any given day you will find Pippa hanging out in the conference room with her paw or head in someone’s lap.  She also likes to make the rounds to everyone’s workstation for a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears.  Come on by if you are near downtown Carrollton and say ‘Hi.’  Pippa has never met a stranger!

Great Companies Deserve Great Marketing!

Let’s see if we are a good fit for each other. Here is our process:


Initial consultation/discovery meeting


We build a customized plan to achieve your goals


We execute the plan together