Benefits of Social Selling

by Paul Slack
  |  November 26, 2019  |  
November 26, 2019

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No one likes cold calling. Your sales team doesn’t like it. Prospects don’t like it. Lucky for you, you don’t need it. What you do need is social selling. While it sounds similar, or at least has social in the name, social selling is not the same as social media marketing, and it’s not the same as social advertising.

What are the Benefits of Social Selling?

Social selling is using your social networks to find, connect with, understand, build trusted relationships, and nurture sales prospects. It allows your sales team to attract the right prospects and engage with buyers in social, answering questions through thoughtful content interactions. Vende Digital offers a complete social selling solution used by leading sales teams.

Social Selling Benefits Everyone

Social sharing is all about sharing the right content with the right prospects at the right time. Your sales team can offer exponential access to key decision-makers and influencers by sharing your content with their connections. When salespeople comment, like, or share content, they not only become part of the conversation, but they boost their own credibility by showing an active interest in what their buyers are talking about.

Your sales team is already busy meeting with prospects, building proposals, and closing deals. Let’s face it, adding one more activity like sharing your content is going to be hard to accomplish. However, the proven benefits make it worth the effort. Social selling not only benefits the company, but it also benefits employees.

For your company, social selling results in:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Exponentially more decision-makers see content 
  • Improved relationship and rapport building between the buyer and seller
  • Showcases your thought leadership and unique features and benefits

When more employees are sharing content, their networks are engaging. Often times, these networks include users who were not previously familiar with the company. As brand visibility increases, so do the leads and the quality of those leads. The more employees who are sharing, the greater the likelihood that decision-makers see your content. When employees are the ones doing the sharing, they have the opportunity for improved relationships and rapport building with buyers. When you have quality leads and improved relationships, you frequently get a shortened sales cycle. Put all those things together, and you wind up with rising sales for the company. 

Be sure to check out our social selling action plan to help you build a great program for your business.

While your company has the most to gain from social selling, employees will see benefits as well. Social selling benefits employees by:

  • Building their personal brand
  • Positioning themselves as thought leaders
  • Furthering future career opportunities

Your employees can become the go-to source for information, becoming a trusted resource to prospects, buyers, and customers. When it comes to social selling, your employees’ success is also your company’s success. By taking pride in their work, it can fuel them to share more content and talk about the company they work for even more.

Social Selling Made Simple

More and more companies and engaged in social selling. While it may feel like just one more thing to do, if your company hasn’t made the move yet, it’s likely your sales are not what they could be.

At Vende Digital, our social selling services enable sales teams to easily integrate this activity into their routine buy literally teeing up the right content and giving them the option to edit, share, post, or schedule later. We make it easy to push content to all of your people, from the sales team to executives and gives them the tools to share that content within their social networks.

Not sure what to share? We can help you with blog posts, marketing materials, and event registrations. With a few clicks from you and a couple from your people, exponentially more decision-makers will see your best content. We have developed a solution everyone will love.

  • Simple tools to use
  • Teed up content
  • Push notifications
  • One-click sharing

For a deeper dive on Social Selling; check out our 7 part video series.

Sales have always been about building relationships, and about offering prospects the right solution at the right time in their customer journey. Social selling helps your sales team do that in a new, productive way. Maximize the benefits of existing relationships and find prospects who are ready to hear from you. Let your sales team focus on the most productive parts of the sales process. With our help, social selling couldn’t be easier.

Key Takeaways

  • Social selling is not the same as social media marketing, and it’s not the same as social advertising.
  • Social selling is using your social networks to find, connect with, understand, build trusted relationships, and nurture sales prospects.

How Can We Help?

Does your business need a hand developing a social selling strategy for 2020? We offer strategic planning, persona development, and content marketing services that can help. If you are ready to develop a story-building trust and motivation, then sign up for a complimentary initial consultation/discovery meeting. Schedule yours today, and let’s see if we can help.

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