Social Selling Action Plan – A Comprehensive Guide

by VendeAdmin
  |  August 21, 2018  |  
August 21, 2018

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Sales & Marketing Leaders, if are you looking for a competitive edge to keep your team top of mind and set them up as trusted advisors with their prospects, then social selling could be the answer.

To help you establish a social selling system for your business, Vende has developed our Social Selling Action Plan. It’s yours free right here. Within its pages, you will find a step-by-step plan and tips for engaging prospects at key moments in the decision process.

Social selling will add value throughout the sales journey by:

  • Building deeper relationships with customers and prospects
  • Helping sellers Identifying new prospects and opportunities
  • Amplifying content marketing efforts—buyers are 3X more likely to trust, 8X more likely to engage, and 24X more likely to share content provided by people known to them (your sales reps) than content posted by your company.

Your Customers Are Using Social Media to Aid in Decision Making

Today’s buyers are already using social media to stay informed and connect with industry experts that can help them make good choices. Buyers are more sophisticated and well-informed than ever before. To be successful, a consultative approach that builds and nurtures relationship before the buyer is in-market for a product/solution is critical to your success.Your customer is already on social media - Social Selling

What is Social Selling

The process of utilizing social media channels like LinkedIn to enable sellers to nurture relationships with customers/prospects.

Buyers' Top Uses of LinkedIn - Social Selling

Selling always comes down to trust and relationships. People do business with people NOT brands. Social selling offers an incredible opportunity to leverage your sales team and their social profiles to deliver your company’s unique selling propositions, products, and solutions to the right people at the right time.

The Social Selling Process

The Social Selling process is an extension of the existing sales process within your organization.  The purpose of the process is to meet buyers before they are in the market and to supply them with useful information via social media posts from your sales team.  Marketing’s role is to provide powerful and insightful content to the sales team and train sellers on the best way to utilize the content to grow awareness and stay in front of prospects.  

The Social Selling Process

Meeting – meeting new people, sellers can help either by offering their network of relationships, knowledge/expertise, or your company’s products/services.

Nurturing – delivering recurring value over time that fosters win/win relationships

Helping – providing real assistance to someone who either has a business problem to solve, an opportunity to exploit, or has a need/want/desire to satisfy (like the best place to stay when they take their family to Disney World for the first time).

Proposing –  connecting your company’s features/advantages/benefits to the problem or opportunity. This will more than likely occur in the real world and happens when the buyer reaches out to the seller asking for assistance.

Closing – making the sale by addressing the best options for the buyer and providing the proof that your solution is ideal for them.

Teach Your Sales Team How to Do Social Selling the Right Way

Our comprehensive guide will help you maximize your sales efficiency. It is divided into two sections; one for the marketing department and the other section specifically for sales reps. You will want to share this with your entire team. Get instant access to our Social Selling Action Plan!

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