10 B2B Social Selling Tips for Crushing Your Quota

by Paul Slack
  |  January 23, 2019  |  
January 23, 2019

B2B Social Selling Tips
Remember when going to 7 AM networking meetings and making 50+ calls a day was necessary to fill your sales funnel? If that’s still your world, then it’s time to learn some new tricks. We have compiled the following list of 10 B2B social selling tips, from top reps, to help you get started.

Top B2B social selling tips and examples in order of importance

Tip #1 – They have a plan.

As Winston Churchill said, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail.’ Today’s social savvy reps have a plan for getting the most out of social media. This includes:

  • Knowing what key accounts they want to crack, and the key contacts within those accounts
  • Blocking off time each week to invest in finding, connecting, and nurturing relationships with these key contacts
  • Staying up to date on their industry and finding interesting information to share
  • Developing strategies for moving the conversation from social to the “real world.”

If you are wanting to build a plan and take your social selling skills to the next level, you should consider one of the following resources we have put together:

Tip #2 – They lead with TRUST, not VALUE.

People do business with people they know, like, and TRUST. Building relationships around trust is always the first step. Smart reps understand social sites like LinkedIn are really just another communication tool within their arsenal. They are not meant to be some kind of magical lead generation machine. It’s a place to stay connected and develop trusting relationships. Leading with trust requires a shift in your perspective from seeing yourself as a salesperson to understanding your role as a social media concierge. A social concierge is someone who is readily available to help others by answering questions, pointing them in the right direction, and connecting them with others who can help.

Tip #3 – They Optimize their LinkedIn profile for sales opportunities NOT their next job.

To be successful, your LinkedIn profile must be the central hub for how you help others accomplish their goals, which is a totally different approach than positioning your profile for your next job. By using LinkedIn to meet, connect, and serve others (social selling), you won’t need to worry about getting job opportunities. They will find you. Additionally, 62% of prospects will review your profile during the sales process. Follow these LinkedIn profile optimization tips:

  • Talk about the problems you solve not the products you sell
  • Be sure to use a professional headshot
  • Write in first person
  • Use keywords everywhere
  • Showcase your work with case studies
  • Leverage multimedia
  • Ask for recommendations/give recommendations
  • Have a few versions your headline and bio that you swap out throughout the year

Tip #4 – They have learned the value of staying top of mind.

We live in an attention deficit world. Most of our information comes to us in sound bites. Savvy sales reps are leveraging social posts and direct messages as a way to keep their name in the top of the feed of their prospects. There is nothing wrong with sharing a post every business day in LinkedIn, Twitter, or whatever social platform is ideal for your industry. This will keep your name fresh in the minds of your prospects. You can share company blog articles, video, and your opinion on industry trends, etc.

Tip #5 – They let the marketing team help them look smart.

You stay top of mind by posting frequently, but your marketing department can help you look smart by producing useful content that keeps your prospects informed on your industry. When you share marketing content on your profile, this also helps the marketing department get more value out of the content they produce. The average person has 24X more reach vs. a company page on LinkedIn. Examples include:

  • Events/webinars your company is hosting
  • Company blog or other resources
  • Industry-specific information or research
  • Latest trends
  • Company/industry insights
  • How-to guides or explainer content
  • Case studies or success stories that explain how to overcome industry problems
  • Changes that are coming around the corner that will impact your customer
  • Videos

Tip #6 – They Pay attention to who is looking at their profile.  

Lookers can be leads. With the right LinkedIn account, you can view everyone who has looked at your profile, what their title is, and how they got there. This is a prospecting gold mine! Take time to review who’s looking and send a personalized connection request to those who look qualified. You might say something like ‘Hi Joe – Thank you for looking at my profile. Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to assist you. Let’s at least connect.”

LinkedIn also provides a report that shows the number of profile views over a rolling 90 day period. The more you engage with these tips the more views you are sure to receive. Make a game of it and try to keep your growth on the positive side week after week.

Tip #7 – They master new social features.

Linkedin maintains a blog category of new features coming our way. Recent updates include voice messaging and native video. Native video is a huge weapon in the hands of savvy sales reps. Take your smartphone and share industry updates in a format that will get you noticed. People would rather watch the internet than read it. With so many buyers consuming video, this is your chance to get your message in front of them.

Tip #8 – They spend time in social.

The word ‘social’ implies interacting with other people. To be successful in social selling you will need to actually spend some time on social sites like LinkedIn. Don’t worry. We have you covered. Watch this short video on how you can maintain a social presence in just 15 minutes per day.

Tip #10 – They move the conversation into the real world.

We live in a multi-threaded world. Relationships don’t exist in a silo. Be prepared to communicate across multiple channels. Let your contact choose where they are most comfortable. Ultimately your goal should be to have a conversation in the “real world.” This is where you have the best opportunity to showcase your skills and develop a solution that will meet the prospect’s business need.

Remember opportunities don’t happen, you create them! You are now equipped with some of the best tips for getting started in social selling. None of these are overwhelming or will cost your company any money. Our advice to you is to pick 2-3 and get started today!

Can We Help?

Do you need help developing a successful social selling program? We offer strategic planning, social media advertising, social selling training, and sales enablement tools that can help you win in 2019. If you are interested in learning more, sign up for a complimentary initial consultation/discovery meeting. Schedule yours today and let’s see if we can help.

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