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Vende Digital Proud to Support Small Business Around the World

by Paul Slack
  |  August 27, 2020  |  
August 27, 2020

support small business

As a small business, Vende Digital knows how important the role small businesses like ours play around the world. In fact, 99.9 percent of all businesses in the United States are small businesses, and we help fuel the international economy. When we’re faced with harsh economic trials and tribulations, determination and grit are what we have to resort to make it through. We’ve had to undergo several new measures to ensure survival, just like everyone else. Continuing to shop and use the services of those main street businesses is a direct way to support small business around the world, but if that’s not possible for you, leaving online reviews is a great alternative.

Vende Digital Proud to Support Small Business Around the World

That’s why we’d like to raise a glass to our lovely internal staff, who have been valiantly working during these trying times. Not only have they catered to the physical and mental health of themselves and their families, they’ve also made sure to treat all of our customers with a heightened level of care, understanding, and consideration. We know everyone has been hit hard these past few months and we aim to help as best we can. 

A free and easy way to support small businesses is to leave an online review. Reviews help prospective clients gain peace of mind while choosing a new vendor. We know that all online review platforms aren’t as useful, and some just create mindless internet noise. That’s why we turn to verified sites like Clutch to help other small businesses grow their client base.

We appreciate Clutch’s review process specifically because it’s very thorough. Our clients are given the chance to engage with Clutch analysts in a 15-minute review call, where they’re asked to evaluate our services on a number of parameters. We’re graded on the basis of our quality, attention to deadlines, customer service ability, project management organization, and fairness of pricing. Then, those sentiments are lightly edited for clarity and length and published to our Clutch profile, with a star rating. Take a look at a glimpse of our most recent Clutch review below:

support small business | clutch review

We’re grateful to be in a position to help other small businesses thrive! If we all stick together, we’ll be stronger in the long run. Contact Vende Digital today if you’re in the market for innovative advertising help to strengthen your campaigns. 

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