The Future of the CMO for B2B Marketing

by Paul Slack
  |  July 2, 2020  |  
July 2, 2020

The acronym

When the pandemic first started, we all had to adapt to e-Learning, remote working, and eCommerce. Some brands were armed and ready, but others struggled. As marketers, we were forced to think differently because new behaviors were emerging. We had to adjust our messages to be relevant and create solutions or risk quickly becoming irrelevant. CMOs had to adapt as well. So, what’s the future of the CMO in this changing environment?

The Future of the CMO for B2B Marketing

CMOs are tasked with driving revenue, creating strategic business decisions as well as owning the buyer journey. So, as a CMO, Marketing Director, or Manager, how do you refine and expand in a buyer-centric world where the only thing that is consistent is disruption?

The Future of the CMO is Humanization

Buyers want to know you have solutions to their problems, not just empathic words or stats, so consider how you can help solve their problems today, six months from now, and next year? Start here:

  • Create relevant content that shows authority and thought leadership for 6-12 months from now.
  • Repurpose existing content, adding current adaptations for the pandemic.
  • Lead online communities that bring peers and buyers together to form partnerships.

The pandemic has humanized everyone from the Chairman of the Board to the Customer Service Representative. Personal and family lives were mostly separate from the professional world. Now, they are co-mingled with barking dogs, crying toddlers, and taking meetings in your pajamas. Meetings that once happened in private boardrooms behind closed doors are now more personalized and sincere. We’ve peeked into bedrooms, offices, and kitchens while trying to maintain a certain level of professionalism. 

In a recent survey from LeadMD, more than half of US B2B buyers are ready to make purchases amidst the pandemic. Even during this economic downturn, it’s clear opportunities still exist. So how can a CMO continue to facilitate sales and company growth? In an ever-changing world, if you can ensure your company can survive and thrive through maintaining a genuine and helpful voice, staying attuned to trends in the marketplace, and continuing to provide actionable value, you will be invaluable.

A Changing and Varied Role

In a global survey by Fournaise Marketing Group, 80% of CEOs don’t trust or have much confidence in the CMOs (compared to CIOs of CFOs), which leads to the highest turnover in the C-suite. As a member of the C-suite, CMOs are tasked with marketing communications, including advertising and social media. In most organizations, they are not responsible for (or have limited influence over) product launches, prices, and go-to-market changes. However, the CEO’s expectation for a CMO is to create a strategic plan to drive growth and increase profits. This can create a disconnect between the two roles.

The needs for the CMO role vary by business type, and the objectives are consistently changing in a pandemic world. So, what are some actionable steps the CMO can take today to align with the company objectives and strategies?

  • Discuss clear expectations, responsibilities, and performance measures
  • Highlight your technical and analytical skills
  • Adopt a hybrid approach of both traditional marketing as well as data analysts 

As buyers create a demand for instant gratification and personalization, marketers are forced to be nimble, agile, and authentic. CMOs need to focus on data quality to drive marketing decisions. By adopting a hybrid approach to driving brand awareness, generating leads, and focusing on business insights, CMOs can facilitate campaigns with a multi-prong approach.

The Future of the CMO is Embracing Change

CMOs need the ability to adapt at lightning speed, create disruption in their industry, and own lead generation and brand building. In this fluid world of constant uncertainty, we are finding that CMOs who embrace change, understand brand significance, and create value for the organization will be looked to for marketing transformation.

Key Takeaways:

  • CMOs need to think beyond brand building and lead generation
  • Marketing Transformation is what CEOs look for in a CMO
  • Be nimble and agile and look for ways to create demand in your industry

How Can We Help?

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