Reputation Management

by Paul Slack
  |  August 8, 2013  |  
August 8, 2013
Reputation Management is an opportunity for improvement

What is Reputation Management?

As you are managing your social media campaigns, don’t forget about reputation management. Reputation management is managing what is being said online, primarily within social sites, about your company or the products and services that you provide. Setting up a Google Alert with your company name and the names of your products and/or services is a great way to manage this. This will help you see both positive and negative things that are said about you. Reputation management isn’t just about dealing with negative issues and feedback regarding your brand. It’s also about having a strategy to maximize the positive reactions and make sure those people are being rewarded.

Reputation Management Done Right

What should you do when good things are said about your company online? The first thing you want to do is thank them for their comments then ask the person an open-ended question to keep the good conversation going. For instance, if someone talks about how great your product is, you can ask them what type of results they received and encourage them to share it with you publicly.

How about negative comments? The goal is to acknowledge publicly and resolve privately. Immediately thank the customers for bringing it to your attention. Do this publicly so your followers see how professional and prompt you are at handling issues. Next, publicly offer to resolve the issue, but ask if you can do it offline by giving them the opportunity to direct message you and share more details regarding their experience and concern. Offer your direct phone number and invite them to call you or come to your location.

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