Online Marketing Tools, Templates, and Resources

by Paul Slack
  |  January 9, 2015  |  
January 9, 2015

by Paul Slack

Happy New Year everyone! After a break from this series on Developing a Winning Internet Marketing Business Plan because of the holidays, we pick back up this week with an overview of the online marketing tools, templates, and resources Vende has developed to help you build your Internet marketing strategy.  In our last post, we introduced the concept of DART BOARD, the 9 steps in developing a successful business plan.  These resources will help you along the way.  The first list includes items we have developed and use every day with our clients. You can get all them from our Premium Resource Center.

Vende Online Marketing Tools, Templates, and Resources

Strategic Internet Assessment Template – One of our most useful online marketing tools, this is our Internet Business Plan template that we use to guide our team through developing a strategy for our clients.

Strategic Internet Integration Assessment Questionnaire – This is the questionnaire that we send to the leadership within a company to help us get a handle on their vision, mission, and target audience.

Customer Survey – We send this survey to our client’s customers to get a handle on their content needs and to mine for referrals.

Content Strategy – This online marketing resource is a template and worksheet for thinking through all the topics needed to create content assets (blogs, videos, infographics, eBooks, etc.).

Monthly Action Plan – This worksheet helps tie the strategy to the online marketing funnel and then figure out the tactics and desired outcomes for each month.

Persona Worksheet – We developed this worksheet to determine and document the motives and messaging for the target audience.

SEO Template – This template helps us document on-page search engine optimization (SEO) changes that need to be made on an individual web page.

Social Rules EBook – We are happy to provide a free eBook version or you can get a hardback at Amazon and Barns & Noble.

Online Marketing Tools

Here is a list of tools that we didn’t develop ourselves but use with most of our clients.

WordPress – The ideal blogging platform for content marketing.

Yoast SEO plug in – Works with WordPress and makes it easy to optimize content.

Google Keyword Tool – Not as good as it used to be, but an effective way to understand how often key phrases are searched within Google.  You need to have an AdWords account to use the tool.

Hootsuite – Very popular social media publishing platform.

Buffer App – This tool is quickly becoming our team’s favorite social media publishing and content curating tool.

Raven Tools – A must have for anyone who is serious about Internet Marketing.

Point Burst – Perfect for our multi-location clients, franchises, and direct-selling companies, Point Burst is a terrific tool for publishing the same social media content on several profiles simultaneously. This works

Share Rocket – By far the best tool on the market for social media metrics and analysis within a peer group. Think of it as Klout on steroids for specific industry segments.

Google Analytics – Critical for measuring performance, although Google Analytics isn’t nearly as powerful for understanding what key phrases are driving results.

Google AdWords – The best way to drive buyer-initiated traffic to your site.

Google Webmaster Tools – Always a good tool for getting your site indexed by Google, but now, also, provides good key phrase insights because it shows you the searches your site has shown up for in Google over the last 90 days.

Google My Business – This tool seems to change names every 90 days or so, but you need to make sure your site is showing up in the local searches and Google maps.

Moz Local – This service helps you create and maintain business listings on sites, apps, and directories that factor into the local search engine results.

YouTube Live Events – An easy way to create web casts and videos.

There you have it.  Quite an exhaustive list, but you will need all of these online marketing tools, resources, and templates if want to win online. In our next post in this series, we introduce you to the websites you will use to find, connect, and nurture relationships with your customers and prospects. The rest of this series will take you step by step through our planning process so that you can build a winning strategy for your business.



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