Laser In On Your Prospects with IP Targeting and Demographic Overlay

by Vende Digital
  |  December 15, 2016  |  
December 15, 2016

Quite simply, using any direct mail list, or prospect list, Vende Digital has the ability to deliver digital ad messages to that specific address via IP targeting. In this post, we will discuss the top three reasons why adding IP targeting to your digital campaign mix is a benefit to your company. Most online marketing and advertising tools rely on cookie data to drive their advertisements, however, by leveraging the power of the IP address, we can work with you to craft a campaign that succinctly defines your audience and delivers a message to them as efficiently as possible. Want to learn more? Come join us at our next Lunch & Learn about IP Targeting.

What is IP Targeting?

IP targeting is the process of focusing display ads to households or workplaces based on their Internet Protocol (IP) address. There are many display ad strategies that can target your message to individuals; such as targeting/retargeting using cookies, site or audience segmentation targeting and geo-targeting. These are valuable tools for getting your message to the right audience.  We are particularly smitten with IP targeting. This allows you, the advertiser, to go directly to where your prospects live or work and send them a message that works. Combining this into a cross media, online/offline approach ensures your targeted audience sees their message in multiple platforms.

Why should you use IP Targeting?

The real power in IP Targeting is that we can integrate your offline data with IP data to produce an extraordinarily effective targeting segment. Using existing segments, or using a profiled or modeled list, there is much information that can be taken advantage of with offline mailing lists.  The type of data and information that can be appended to your campaign list can get very granular.  This allows you to target only qualified prospects with relevant messaging that is more receptive to your marketing message. This is vastly different than most Internet-based advertising campaigns where a significant amount of your ads never reach qualified prospects.

Reason #1

IP Targeting allows you to precisely define WHO you want to see your message.

Using key demographics and psychographic data (Home Value, Voting Preference, Length of time in home, Credit Score, etc.), or existing mailing list data, we can isolate individual households and target display ads that match your target and eliminate waste through more “open targeting campaigns.” Moreover, we understand that you spend a lot of money buying/renting targeted mailing lists and/or growing your own mailing list. Why not extend the viability with an offline tactic by partnering your list with IP targeting?

Reason #2

IP Targeting allows you to distribute unique and highly targeted messaging to your different audience segments.

Leveraging IP Targeting into your multi-channel mix makes perfect sense. This tactic, unlike other display methodologies allows you to craft and deliver a message that resonates perfectly to the recipient. Being able to customize the message allows you to provide an offer and an accelerated reason to close as you know who the user is and potentially where they are in the buying process.

Reason #3

IP Targeting is the epitome of hyper geo targeted campaigns.

Launching IP Targeting campaigns allows you, the advertiser to literally get right to the intended audience, down to their actual machine. Gone are the days with loose city/zip targeting. Instead, you can devise strategies that allow you to reach a user in their home and/or workplace, dependent on the criteria you select.

Benefits to IP Targeting:

  • Increase up sell by as much as 30- to 40-percent with geotargeted ads
  • Deliver relevant ads to specific audiences, reducing wasted impressions and increasing click-through rates and message reach. (This allows for a tighter funnel position match.)
  • Up sell the ability to deliver advanced ad targeting such as rich streaming video or mobile formats based on a user’s connection type or device
  • Increase return on investment for geographic advertising by selling targeted local ads
  • Control access to digital content and downloads

Bottom line, IP works

You have the ability to leverage your customer mailing list with accuracy and integrity; however, unlike print, you have more than one shot to get the customer to see the mailing piece. Work with us to develop a cadence and a marketing plan that takes into consideration your customer’s needs, behaviors and drives new business for your organization.

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