How Brands Are Using Facebook Live  

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  |  April 3, 2018  |  
April 3, 2018

Why would people pay hundreds of dollars to see a live show based on an iconic film? A show where they could easily just stream the original movie or buy the original soundtrack. Because people enjoy live, authentic experiences. Going to see a live theater performance, on Broadway or your local community theater, means watching something real. Something that hasn’t been edited, spliced, or re-taken. It means seeing a real actor giving a real and unique performance, that will never be delivered in exactly the same way on any other night. You are also enjoying this live experience with a room full of other patrons. You, or your business, may never appear onstage, but you can still give your fans a live, authentic experience using Facebook Live. Here are 4 ways brands are using Facebook Live for their business.  

The importance of Facebook Live


Your Brand Needs to Stay Relevant

Your fans love live video because they know it’s happening in real-time, without an editor. That knowledge and experience makes these videos feel more intimate and connective than other forms of video. Reports show that viewers of Facebook Live videos comment 10 times more than they do on videos that are not live. Your fans like knowing that they can engage in the real-time conversation with you and with other viewers.

If your brand isn’t already creating live video you need to start now. It’s more important than ever if you want to stay relevant and keep up with your competition. Live video outpaces everything else when it comes to engagement and sharing. In fact, Brightcove reports that social video generates 1,200% more shares than images or text combined.

Facebook has over 1.2 billion daily users. Those users are waiting to interact with your live video.

Breakthrough with Video Content

Users are overwhelmed by content online. But, Facebook shared that people are three times more likely to watch a video if it’s live. Facebook’s algorithm also ranks live videos higher in the newsfeed than other types of content. All together, that means you will get far more attention from a live video than from a status update or funny meme.

Facebook Live is great at creating personal relationships with your consumers. And while that is important, it isn’t the only purpose of creating live videos. Over 75% of marketers and small business owners who have used live video as part of their marketing said that it had a direct and positive impact on their business.

If you’re trying to find ways to reach your audience and extend your brand awareness Facebook Live is a powerful tool that you should be utilizing.

Answer Customer Questions

Stuck for live video content ideas? What are your customers asking about? One great way to use Facebook Live is to answer questions or give demonstrations. If you had a recent blog post that got a lot of questions and comments you can schedule a Facebook Live session to answer those questions. The Live video will give other customers a chance to ask additional or follow-up questions. Reading comments as they happen during your live stream will increase the spirit of community between you and your fans.

Go Behind the Scenes

Customers love going behind the scenes of their favorite businesses. Do you run a bakery that wants to show you making pastries to start the day? Or do you have an art gallery and want to give patrons a sneak peek of new pieces as they are being hung up. No matter your business, your fans want to go behind the scenes with you.

Give your fans a tour around the office and let me put names and faces to your business. Maybe you want to showcase your company culture by showing how your office has a ping pong table where employees relax. Don’t be afraid to hit that Live button, there are many options for behind the scenes videos that your fans will want to watch.

Put Your Fans On The Red Carpet

Make your biggest fans feel like a VIP by Live streaming a product launch. You don’t have to book an auditorium and all of your fans will be able to attend. In the past product launches were VIP events, and your fans will feel like they are getting the inside scoop on what is coming next for your business.

Build excitement when you show off your new products. Then hold a Q&A where you let your customers lead the conversation. By listening to their questions you will be able to gauge how they feel about your product. Answer their questions and make them feel valued for their contribution. Explain how your new product is going to make a customers life better.

Lights, Camera, Action

If you want your Live video to show up in other people’s news feeds, beyond your fans, it will be important to create engagement. Engagement increases your brand’s reach and helps you know that you are creating a personal connection with your audience. Be specific during your broadcast, asking people to like and share the video while you are live. Encourage your viewers to ask questions and then make sure you answer them. Before you end your live video ask your viewers to subscribe to your page so they can get notifications when you go live.

Facebook Live videos can be a great tool to incorporate into your marketing and social media strategy. The engagement you get from live videos will help your Facebook page overall. Answering questions, going behind the scenes, and giving your fans a VIP product launch experience are all ways that brands are using Facebook Live. Hit the live button and start sharing live video with your fans.

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