Does Your Business Need an App for That?

by VendeAdmin
  |  September 19, 2017  |  
September 19, 2017

Do You Need an App for That? | Vende Digital

If you think that big businesses are the only ones that need an app, well, quite frankly, you’re wrong. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And any good business owner knows how important it is to stay on top of customer trends. If you’re one of those good business owners, then why wouldn’t you want an app for your businesses? Big or small, a well-designed, dedicated mobile app can boost your company’s visibility and customer loyalty. 

Yes, You Do Need An App For That

Even if a customer is unfamiliar with your business, just seeing your app makes your company more familiar. And who knows, seeing your app could spark their curiosity enough to download the app to their phone. With the ability to do nearly everything through a mobile device, apps have become an essential tool for running a business. Your app can build up your brand, attract attention, and gain a wider customer base. Below you’ll find five reasons why you need an app for that.     


Having your app on a customer’s phone is like putting up a billboard in their pocket. And that billboard can be a tool to build brand recognition. The average American spends more than two hours per day on his or her mobile device. While they won’t be spending all, of even some, of that time each day using your app, they will most likely see it while clicking and tapping on other apps. Just a glimpse of your company’s name on a consistent basis will keep it at the forefront of a customer’s mind when they are looking for a solution that you offer. Seeing the name of your local bakery frequently could assure that your shop is where they are headed when it’s their turn to bring breakfast to a morning meeting. Will your mobile app billboard be stylish, functional, hip, or informative? Whatever it is, make sure it’s well branded and beautifully designed.   


Customers want to be able to reach your business 24/7, and an app can help them do that. Or at least feel like they can. Even if you can’t have customer service reps at a desk 24/7 your app can always be there. A customer might only remember to book an eye exam after they are home from work, when the optometrist’s office is closed. But imagine how happy they would be if they could just make an appointment through your app whenever they remember. Plus, most customers would prefer to communicate via text rather than a phone call.

Your app can serve many functions including providing general business information, booking forms, user accounts, loyalty programs, and much more. Incentivize your customers to engage with your app by providing value to them. It’s also important to remember that apps don’t just work one way. Think of your app as a direct marketing channel. You can use push notifications to engage with your customers and let them know when you’re having a promotion, sale, or special event. And when customers are shopping within your app it’s exclusively your own content.

Search Engine Optimization

It might not seem like it, but an app can help your SEO. App stores index your app, which is your business. By having your app properly indexed, when a customer is searching on their mobile device for services that you provide, your app will likely be suggested. That customer downloads your app as suggested, which leads to higher rankings, increased backlinks and inbound links. And it goes round and round.

Of course, that assumes that you’ve created a well-designed app. While a great app can drive your business and provide new growth, a poor app can hurt your business. Be sure that your app creates value for users.

Customer Loyalty

Perhaps the most important reason you need an app is to build customer loyalty. Between billboards, newspaper ads, flyers, email marketing, social media ads, and more, customers are constantly surrounded by advertising. When customers search for specific products through a search engine they see not only your products but your competitors as well, even if they’ve used your company name in the search. But if that same customer has your app on their phone they can open your app and search for the product directly from you.  

An app is an easy way to stay a click away from your customers whenever they need you. Use your app to create a sincere connection with your customers to establish brand loyalty. Mobile apps at the small business level are still rare. By being one of the first to offer an app, your customers will be impressed with your forward-thinking approach.

A good app can foster customer loyalty, improve visibility, and increase engagement. Stop thinking that mobile apps are only for big businesses. Impress your customers by providing them with a well designed app that provides value.

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