Boost Website Conversion With Your Words

by VendeAdmin
  |  October 24, 2017  |  
October 24, 2017

Boost Website Conversion With Your Words | Vende Digital

Is your website sales copy getting lost in translation? When customers call your business, your tone can exude confidence. With your voice, you can reassure them by sounding genuine and helpful. But overall, customers don’t call anymore. Instead, they overwhelmingly prefer to email or message. But your business still needs to sound confident, genuine, and helpful, even if now it’s through text. That makes the words you use matter, maybe now more than ever. Those words need to engage customers and make conversions. Effective sales copy tells readers about the problems they might be facing and then offers them a solution. Here are five ways to boost website conversion with your words.

Define Your Position

The first step is to understand your product. Did you ever have a teacher tell you that you really have to know something to be able to teach it to someone else? You won’t know how to position your product until you understand it. Have a clear vision of what you are offering to your customers. Once you have that, your copy should reflect both your positioning and clarity. If you’re selling eyeglasses, you need to know not only the features of the frames and lenses but how the glasses feel when you’re wearing them. Are they lightweight, do they stay in place, how do users look when they wear them? Buying a pair of glasses is more than just do they want metal or plastic frames and do they want the special coating on their lenses. The copy needs to speak to the entire glasses wearing experience. But, the copy shouldn’t be too long. Customers like to skim. Use simple words and make sure customers can read the entire copy within a few seconds.

Know Your Target Audience

In addition to knowing your product, it’s also imperative that you know your target audience. A major part of your sales copy is showing them how your product will fix their problem. How could you know what their problems are if you don’t know your audience? Are you selling frames to kids or are you wanting to target sunglass wearers in sunny Texas? Target the segment of the people you want to reach for a particular product or service and understand their unique issues. Based on that audience you will tailor your sales copy, which will mention their specific problem, and then describes how your product or service can make their life better by solving that problem.

Differentiate Yourself

What makes your company different than others that are offering the same or similar products and services? If you want to stand out you need to study your competitors and understand what makes your company different. Successful businesses can make their mark by showcasing their unique capabilities. Guaranteeing packages would arrive overnight, promising a hot pizza in 30 minutes or less, letting you build your own sandwich. Once you can pinpoint the weaknesses and shortfalls of your competitors, you can convey that message to your customers. Make your product look more attractive by contrasting it with competing products. You tell customers why they need to buy from you and not from someone else.

Your Copy Structure

Every form of writing has its own structure. Journalism uses an inverted pyramid while literature uses a plot structure. Your sales copy needs the right structure to boost website conversions. That starts with conveying your key selling points first. Through your sales copy, you need to build up a situation. You’ll start by mentioning what problems your customers are facing and how your business will fix them. The second step is to develop an emotional motivator for your customer. Positive emotions are preferable, but negative emotions, like fear, can work as well. Remember that customers aren’t buying features, they are buying benefits. The final step is to reveal your product as the solution to their problem. Through your storytelling make your customer feel like they can’t live without the product or service you are offering. Overall your sales copy should be concise and maintain a conversational tone. Make sure to avoid jargons in your copy. Proofread everything and keep the narrative simple with a clear message.

Call to Action

The final step is to ask for the sale. Every copy should be created with a single objection, the specific conversion that you are looking for. With your CTA, point your customers in the direction you want them to go. Let them know exactly how to buy from you. You should be creating a sense of urgency with your CTA.

Your website is your main source of communication with potential customers. Make sure that you are setting the right tone with your sales copy. Use these tips to communicate more effectively to your customers and boost website conversion with your words.


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