B2B SEO for 2021

by Ray Larson
  |  March 3, 2021  |  
March 3, 2021

The fastest, most predictable path to targeted awareness for B2B businesses is digital marketing. You just need the right tools and resources. Get your business back on track by building a 2021 digital marketing plan that’s going to help you generate more sales and more revenue this year. Learn how to leverage B2B SEO to get more leads and opportunities, and ultimately see more success.

Search Engine Optimization

While a lot of things have changed, some things have stayed the same. Primarily, your customers are still around, and they still have problems that they cannot solve on their own, and they’re looking for help. Digital is the way that we’re going to help them; we just need to know how to reach them.

When our customers are getting barraged with thousands of marketing messages each and every day, it’s essential for you to be doing the things that will make your business stand out. B2Bs aren’t like B2Cs; they aren’t trying to sell everything to everybody. Rather, B2Bs have a niche customer, and that’s the person that we want to be aware of us. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful and underrated techniques available for reaching that niche customer.

Why SEO Now?

So, why will SEO be so important for B2B digital marketing in 2021? Three reasons:

  • Buyer initiated
  • Great for converting MQLs/SQLs
  • Awesome source of blog traffic

Why is SEO the Most Buyer-Initiated Channel Available to Marketers?

Of all the digital marketing channels available, SEO is the most buyer-initiated channel that is out there. When it comes to SEO, your buyers initiate the whole process; they go to a search engine, such as Google, and they type in the keywords and phrases that matter to them. If those same words are relevant to you and your business, you want to make sure you’re showing up in those search results.

Great for Converting MQLs/SQLs

SEO is a great source of marketing- and sales-qualified leads (MQLs and SQLs). That makes investing dollars in SEO optimization a critical activity for your business in 2021. Generating those leads is what will turn into sales and revenue.

Blogs = Traffic

Your blog has the potential to be the greatest source of search engine traffic for your website. The key will be to make sure you’re blogging regularly and optimizing those blogs for search. You should be blogging two to four times a month; with that, you’re not only going to be getting good website traffic, but your blogs can be another source of MQLs and SQLs when done correctly.

B2B Buyers Are Using Search

When your buyers have a problem that they need to solve, where do they go? If you answered ‘search engine,’ you’re correct. In fact, most B2B buyers begin their search on Google. When your customer is looking for new storage for their data center or new CRM software, they are starting their search on Google 71% of the time.

So what about those that don’t start with a search engine? Even if they don’t start there, 89% of buyers use Google during the sales process, and on average, they are searching 12 times during that process. When your buyers are out searching for a solution to a problem, you want to be there to help them. If you haven’t been prioritizing SEO optimization, now is the time to start.

Get More From Your B2B SEO Efforts

SEO is constantly evolving; for the best results, make sure you are following these additional SEO tips for 2021:

Technical SEO – make sure that your website is secure. That means ensuring that you have an SSL certificate. Websites that aren’t secure don’t rank as well. It’s also important to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile and that it’s loading fast. Websites that are not optimized and not fast-loading will get penalized by Google.

Snippet Bait – By June of 2020, over half of all searches conducted on Google resulted in a zero-click search. That means a user did a search on google, saw the search result page, got what they were looking for on that search result page without having to click,  and moved on. While this probably means you’re experiencing a little bit less traffic, this situation can also be leveraged to your advantage, and that is done by incorporating snippet bait. Help your website get more exposure by including both question and answer snippets on your website and in your blog to have Google show them in the search results.

If you’re looking to get your business back on track, B2B SEO should be a key component of your marketing strategy. At Vende Digital, our mission is to help B2B companies generate more sales and gain more revenue using digital tactics. If you’re ready to improve your search results, schedule a complimentary Discovery Meeting. We’ll review your digital footprint and provide you with fresh ideas and actionable insights.

B2B SEO in 2021: Key Takeaways

  • SEO is essential to get more leads, opportunities, and ultimately, see more success.
  • SEO is one of the most powerful and underrated techniques available for reaching your niche customer.
  • SEO is the most buyer-initiated channel that is out there.
  • SEO is a great source of marketing and sales-qualified leads (MQLs and SQLs).
  • B2B SEO should be a key component of your marketing strategy.
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