B2B Marketing Tips: 3 Steps for Boosting Online Conversions

by Paul Slack
  |  October 28, 2016  |  
October 28, 2016


b2b-marketing-tipsIn the world of B2B Marketing, boosting online conversions is a must. The promise and opportunity are out there.  Digital can deliver more traffic and more leads at a lower cost than any other media. Isn’t that what we all want?  However, it seems for every success story there are always at least 1-2 crash and burn stories.  “I spent all this money on AdWords and got a big fat goose egg for my trouble. “or “Sure, I got my phone to ring but by the time I paid off my credit card from all the charges, my cost per acquisition was through the roof. Who knew it would be this expense!”

When we are brought in to help fix a broken digital marketing strategy we often discover that the company has a misplaced call to action.  Having a single call to action that’s “asking for the sale” is like meeting a girl for the first time and asking her to marry you.  Expecting a “request a demo” or “schedule an appointment” or “buy now” call to action to work without first establishing trust can be the biggest reason you aren’t getting the online conversions you were hoping for.  This is where content marketing can be your friend. Content marketing enables you to share your subject matter expertise while weaving in your value proposition and subtly building awareness and trust with prospective buyers.  Blogging weekly and promoting the blog via social media will drive future buyers to your site.  What you do next is critical to improving your online conversions. Follow these 3 B2B marketing steps for boosting your online conversions.

Step 1: Remember the B2B Marketing Funnel

Because the top of the funnel is the widest part, we believe that 90% of the content your write should be to build awareness.   This blog content should be focused on leading with value and educating and informing the future buyer.  Great content here could be original blog articles, videos, infographics, and curated content. This content should be promoted via social media ads, emails, and sharing with your social audiences.

Grow B2B Conversions by Moving Up-Funnel with Remarkable Content.

Grow B2B Conversions by Moving Up-Funnel with Remarkable Content.

Step 2: Leverage Remarketing

Remarketing will move your future buyers through the funnel by presenting your message and value proposition to them when they leave.  The trick to successful remarketing is to move users to the next stage of the funnel.  For example, if a visitor reads your Awareness blog, then remarket to them with a call to action that takes them to a landing page that moves them into the Interest/Consideration stage. (“sign up for your newsletter” or “download a whitepaper/eBook” or “attend next week’s webinar”).  For users that visit your Interest/Consideration offer landing page but don’t sign up, remarket to them again.

Remarketing is Key to B2B Marketing.

Remarketing is Key to B2B Marketing.

Step 3: Lead Nurturing to Get B2B Buyers Across the Goal Line

Steps 1 & 2 will build a pipeline of future buyer emails. What you do with these emails will make all the difference.  As Future Buyers opt-in send them a series of drip emails.  Every business is different but we like to start with 3 emails over 30 days. The first email should always be to thank them for opt-ing in and asking them if the information was useful/helpful. In these emails, you can make an offer for them to take the next step.  For most B2B’s this means having a conversation with a sales person.

Follow This B2B Marketing Process to Get Leads Across the Goal Line.

Follow This B2B Marketing Process to Get Leads Across the Goal Line.

Use B2B Marketing Newsletters to Nurture Future Buyers.

Use B2B Marketing Newsletters to Nurture Future Buyers.

After the series of drip emails is complete, you can roll them into a monthly newsletter campaign. The monthly newsletter can simply be a roll up of previous blog content.

If you have been struggling getting the leads out of your digital strategy, then try these steps and focus on the top of the funnel with remarkable lead-with-value content.  And be patient.  This method works great but it takes time to build a list of future buyers and then nurture them. The reward will be well worth the wait!

If your not sure if you have a misplaced call to action, you might consider signing up for a NO BS Web Analysis.  We will take a deep dive on your website, social, and mobile presence and give you feedback and good honest advice on tweaks you can to get conversions flowing online.

If you are in Dallas on November 17th, please join us along with Google for a lunch and learn.  You can learn more here.

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