Mindy Stoker

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Mindy Stoker, a key player in delivering excellence to Vende Digital’s valued customer base as Chief Operating Officer. With over 15 years in the digital marketing realm, Mindy is a seasoned digital marketing strategist and business leader, overseeing the Vende Digital Agency, mentoring account managers, and championing operational excellence. Wearing various hats, she touches everything from recruitment, training, and onboarding, to ensuring a dynamic work culture. 

Mindy’s career journey includes deploying digital strategies for companies of all sizes including several Fortune 500 & 100 companies, and eventually founding her own successful digital marketing business. She brings experiences like these to her role on Vende Digital’s Leadership team where she works to develop a vision of Vende’s future and ensures thorough A to Z execution. 

When she’s not juggling hats at Vende Digital you can find Mindy nurturing her east Kansas flower garden, cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs, or loading up her faviorite furbabies (Pippa and Sapphie) on her Vespa for an idyllic ride through the Midwest countryside.

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