Andrea Talamantes

Senior Social Strategist

Andrea Talamantes is an accomplished Senior Social Strategist at Vende Digital, bringing a decade of experience to the dynamic landscape of marketing. Her proficiency extends across both in-house and agency environments, where she has honed her expertise in Social Media Marketing and B2B Marketing.

Throughout her career, Andrea has played a pivotal role in executing successful campaigns, significantly contributing to the growth of diverse clients across various industries. Her strategic mindset, combined with a deep understanding of digital marketing trends, empowers her to craft compelling and effective campaigns that resonate with target audiences.

Beyond the professional realm, Andrea immerses herself in the intriguing world of true crime and finds joy in spending quality time outdoors.

As a Senior Social Strategist at Vende Digital, Andrea brings her wealth of experience to the forefront, driving impactful and results-driven campaigns for clients. Her dedication to innovation and client success sets the stage for collaborative victories with our clients.

Andrea Talamantes