AI-Powered Content Creation for B2B Marketing

by Paul Slack
  |  April 26, 2024  |  
April 26, 2024

Strategies, Tools, and Real-World Examples

AI has emerged as a strategic ally in a world where B2B marketing success is driven by content creation. It’s transforming B2B marketing strategies towards more personalized, informed, and scalable content. But we’ve seen many B2B marketers struggle with AI adoption due to: 

  • Difficulty in integrating AI with existing tools and processes
  • Finding the right AI tools
  • Learning curves and upskilling team
  • Finding the right balance between AI and human input

However, many marketers have complained that AI-generated content seems too generic and lacks the nuanced corporate knowledge, style and tone understanding, and emotional depth human writers provide.

In this blog post, we’ll fix that by exploring how you can fully overcome some initial hurdles in using AI to unlock its power in your B2B content creation efforts. Let’s jump in!

The Power of AI in B2B Marketing

Seeing the internet change the game in the late 90s reminds me of what’s happening with AI today. Back then, businesses were scared and resistant to embrace the internet, similar to how some are hesitant to adopt AI now. Early adopters struggled to see the initial value. But those who stuck with it crushed it – reaching more people, generating more leads, and scaling in ways no one thought possible.

Today, AI is at a similar inflection point in B2B content creation. While some may fear AI will replace human marketers, the reality is that it’s not about replacing us; it’s about empowering us to get more done and hit our targets with laser precision. B2B companies that embrace AI and learn to harness its potential for content creation will be leading the pack, just like the internet pioneers of the past.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says that artificial intelligence will significantly impact the world more than many of the most widespread innovations in history.

The key is approaching AI with a strategic mindset, an openness to experimentation, and a willingness to learn and adapt. But adopting AI isn’t just a choice; it’s becoming a competitive necessity. Businesses that fail to capitalize on AI’s content creation capabilities may soon lag far behind.

What is Generative AI’s Role in B2B Marketing?

Generative AI uses algorithms to automatically create various content types, such as articles, social media posts, and videos. It leverages machine learning to produce human-like text, making it a powerful tool for B2B content creation. By analyzing customer data, Generative AI enables personalized content at scale.

Revolutionizing B2B Content Creation with AI

Thanks to the AI revolution, how audiences discover and connect with companies and what customers now expect are all in flux. In a recent Demand Gen Jam Session, Cailin DeCourt from Jasper explored how AI isn’t just fitting into but revolutionizing the key steps of content creation while underscoring the irreplaceable value of human insight throughout this process.

Source: Jasper

1. Research

  • Human Role: Define research scope, formulate hypotheses, identify information sources, and ask crucial questions.
  • AI Role: Quickly gather and synthesize information from various sources, manage large datasets to uncover insights, and organize findings.

2. Ideation

  • Human Role: Leverage creative thinking to brainstorm ideas, craft compelling narratives, and establish content objectives that align with business goals.
  • AI Role: Utilize predictive analytics and data-driven insights to suggest topics, headlines, and content formats that resonate with the target audience based on trend analysis and historical performance.

3. Analysis

  • Human Role: Interpret data contextually, discern strategic patterns, apply business insights to sift through irrelevant data, and conclude in alignment with business objectives.
  • AI Role: Analyze data to spot trends and correlations, using machine learning to identify patterns in complex datasets unseen by humans.

4. Strategy

  • Human Role: Develop a plan that considers market trends, competition, and goals, using creative and critical thinking to develop a comprehensive strategy.
  • AI Role: – Offer predictive analytics and simulations to foresee the impact of marketing strategies, delivering data-driven insights for optimal content creation and decision-making.

5. Creative Execution

  • Human Role: Execute strategy with storytelling, emotional intelligence, and creativity in line with the brand, ensuring audience connection.
  • AI Role: Generate briefs initial drafts, suggest headlines, and optimize for SEO.

6. Distribution

  • Human Role: Choose optimal channels for content, understand platform nuances, and customize messages for different audiences.
  • AI Role: Automate distribution, schedule optimal posting times, and analyze channel performance to boost content reach and engagement.

7. Optimization

  • Human Role: Critically assess content and campaign performance, make strategic enhancements, and align optimizations with long-term goals.
  • AI Role: Monitor performance data, offer improvement insights, and suggest adjustments for best results.

This partnership combines the power of AI with the real-world smarts of human marketers. It’s not just tech thrown at problems—it’s AI and people working together to understand the nuances of your business. It allows your team to discover creative ways to utilize AI, allowing them to focus on what fires them up. When your team’s chasing their passions, productivity skyrockets, and job satisfaction goes through the roof.

Examples of AI-Powered Content Creation

By leveraging AI, companies can transform their content strategies from static to dynamic, enabling engagement and personalization previously unattainable. The possibilities for AI-powered content creation in B2B are vast and exciting. Here are some powerful examples of how AI can be applied across various aspects of B2B content creation.

Source: Jasper

  • Globalization: Make your content resonate globally. Think local but act global with AI-powered translations and customizations.
  • Events: Whip up event buzz with killer headlines and abstracts. Then, feed your content flywheel by repurposing the content from these events.
  • Partner: Personalize your content for partner-specific needs.
  • ABM/Field: Leveraging Account-based marketing (ABM) and verticalization to target specific industry sectors or customer groups.
  • Web: Write copy that converts, test it, and make your website feel like you’re speaking directly to your visitor.
  • Digital Execution/Social: Use AI’s muscle to sharpen your A/B testing, create killer ads and social copy, and dive deep into the data to refine our approach.
  • Marketing Ops: Add efficiency, insights, and personalization at a level previously unattainable.
  • PR/Comms: Be the voice of your executives with ghostwriting, standout script speeches, and press releases that actually get read.
  • Product: From briefs to video scripts, descriptions to pitch decks, make every piece of product content count.
  • Brand/Content: Consistency is key. Ensure your brand stays on brand by driving content creation backed by research, ideation, and meticulous style guide reviews.

Why Vende Chose Jasper As Our Primary Gen AI Tool for Copywriting

When Gen AI became a viable option for content creation, we began to evaluate the options available. We wanted a business-minded tool for the enterprise and included features that would be essential for our clients. Privacy, collaboration, and training on specific information (methods, products, best practices, etc.) We found Jasper to be the ideal solution for our needs. Here’s why:

  • Purpose-Built for Business: Jasper is tailored for businesses, offering features that meet company-specific needs. Unlike generic AI tools, Jasper ensures privacy, supports collaboration, and can be trained with company-specific information, aligning well with our client’s requirements.
  • Customization and Control: A critical factor in choosing Jasper was its ability to train on our clients’ data and knowledge. We can upload specific content, enabling Jasper to deliver outputs tailored to each client’s unique needs and style. Jasper can also adapt to different brand voices (social media, email, blog, product pages) for consistent content across types. This customization ensures content accurately reflects each client’s brand voice and messaging.
  • Best of Both Worlds: Jasper strikes the ideal balance between using company-specific data and web data as needed. We focus on training the AI with our client’s data, but Jasper can also fetch web information when necessary. This flexibility lets us craft content that meets client needs and incorporates the latest industry insights. Jasper can create various content types (e.g., social media posts, email campaigns, blog posts) from a single asset, saving time and resources.
  • Human Support: Jasper distinguishes itself from other AI tools by offering assistance and guidance from a team of real people. As a Jasper partner, Vende Digital can operate within the client’s Jasper instance without occupying user seats, adding extra support and expertise. This human touch is crucial for leveraging AI to produce top-quality content that meets client expectations.
  • Interoperability and Business-Centric Interface: Jasper is interoperable, working seamlessly with more than 20 various AI models for versatile content creation. What distinguishes Jasper is its business-focused interface and functionality, designed for ease of use by teams and clients. It also provides translation and localization, which is valuable for global mobility industry clients.

By choosing Jasper as our primary generative AI tool for copywriting, we can provide our clients with the best possible solution for their content creation needs.

Top 10 Best Practices for Getting Quality Output from AI in B2B Content Marketing

Remember, content marketing aims to attract your target reader via useful and interesting content. Use the following best practices to elevate the quality of your B2B content marketing efforts. Leverage AI not just as an efficiency tool but as a strategic partner in creating compelling, personalized, and impactful content.

  1. Crafting a Vision with Purpose—Start with the end in mind. It’s crucial to nail down your goals and KPIs. Before you begin, know what you’re shooting for and how you’ll measure success. Be clear about what you want to achieve and how it aligns with your brand’s core mission. 
  2. Fueling AI with Knowledge—AI is only as good as the fuel you give it. Your premium fuel is high-quality, diverse, and brand-aligned data. AI must be trained in your product information, brand narrative/point of view (POV), and technical data. It’s about crafting narratives that speak your company’s language and resonate deeply with your audience’s desires and needs.
  3. Unified Messaging—Your AI-generated content isn’t just about maintaining a tone; it’s about embodying your POV and differentiated value across every piece of content. It’s how you build trust and create a seamless experience that builds trust and sticks with buyers.
  4. Dive in with a Focused Pilot—Test the waters, but identify specific areas where you believe AI can significantly amplify your brand’s voice and bring real value to your audience. 
  5. Leveraging AI for Deeper Insights—Use AI to dive deep into your data and develop insights to set your content apart. It’s not just about trends; it’s about uncovering opportunities to speak directly to the heart of your audience’s challenges and aspirations.
  6. Segmenting the Story—Break your content journey into targeted segments. This approach ensures that each piece of content speaks directly to your audience’s needs, regardless of where they are in the buying process. 
  1. Ensure Cross-Channel Consistency—Use AI to ensure your content stays consistent across various channels and platforms. Whether it’s website copy, social media posts, or email campaigns, AI can generate them with a unified
  2. Merging Minds and Machines—Bring your experts into the loop. A simple transcript from a conversation with a subject matter expert can help AI infuse your content with authenticity, authority, and relatability. This collaboration is the secret sauce to creating content that truly resonates.
  3. Polishing to Perfection—Excellent content emerges from interacting with AI. By conversing with AI and refining prompts, you can boost content quality. This iterative process highlights the crucial role of human marketers in guiding and improving AI output for the best results. The real skill is reviewing and fine-tuning AI-generated content, finding the perfect balance between efficiency and excellence.
  4. Crafting Content that Connects—Use AI to simplify the complex and create readable, relatable, and engaging content. It’s about understanding your audience on a deeper level and crafting messages that resonate on a personal level.
  5. Embracing the Cycle of InnovationThe landscape is ever-evolving, and so should your strategy. Constantly test, learn, and iterate. Stay ahead of the game by being willing to adapt and evolve. This is how you keep your content current and leading the charge.

Incorporating these elements into your approach isn’t just about creating content; it’s about setting a new standard in how we engage, educate, and inspire through content. 

The Power of Partnering with Experts

One of the keys to successful AI adoption is having a knowledgeable partner to guide you through the process. Working with a partner like Vende Digital, which specializes in AI-enablement and AI-powered content creation, can provide numerous benefits:

  1. Dedicated resources and expertise: A partner can offer a team of experts who are well-versed in AI tools and strategies, ensuring you have the support and guidance you need to succeed.
  2. Customized AI strategy: An experienced partner can help you develop a tailored AI strategy that aligns with your unique business goals, target audience, and content needs.
  3. Seamless implementation: By leveraging a partner’s knowledge and experience, you can avoid common pitfalls and ensure a smooth integration of AI into your content creation workflow.
  4. Ongoing optimization: A partner can continuously monitor your AI-powered content performance, provide insights, and recommend optimizations to maximize your results.
  5. Focus on your core business: Partnering with experts allows your team to focus on what they do best – growing your business – while the partner handles the complexities of AI strategy and implementation.

Collaborating with a trusted partner like Vende Digital can accelerate your AI adoption journey, minimize risks, and unlock the full potential of AI-powered content creation for your B2B marketing efforts. Learn more about our AI-enabled services.

Key Takeaways for Unlocking B2B Content Marketing with AI

  1. Embrace the AI Revolution: Just like the internet transformed marketing in the 90s, AI is set to revolutionize B2B content creation. Early adopters strategically leveraging AI will lead the pack, driving personalized, data-driven content at scale.
  2. Collaborate with AI: AI isn’t here to replace human marketers but to empower them. By partnering with AI throughout the content creation process—from research and ideation to execution and optimization—you can achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, insights, and engagement.
  3. Fuel AI with High-Quality Data: The key to unlocking AI’s potential lies in feeding it with diverse, brand-specific data. By training AI with your company’s unique voice, style, and expertise, you can create content that truly resonates with your B2B audience.
  4. Implement Best Practices for AI-Powered Content- Follow proven best practices to get the most out of AI. Set clear goals, maintain brand consistency, start with focused pilots, leverage AI for insights, collaborate with subject matter experts, and continuously refine and optimize your content.
  5. Choose the Right AI Partner: Selecting a purpose-built AI tool like Jasper, which offers customization, control, and human support, can make all the difference in your AI-powered content journey. Partnering with experts like Vende Digital can further accelerate your success.
  6. Elevate Your B2B Content Strategy: By integrating AI at the heart of your content strategy, you can capture your audience’s attention and pioneer new frontiers in B2B content creation. AI enables you to deliver personalized, insightful, and engaging content that builds trust and drives results.

Redefining B2B Content Marketing with AI  

AI is a powerful tool for enhancing your content creation process, but it works best in collaboration with human expertise. Adopting these best practices and the right mix of strategies and tools can elevate your AI game, ensuring your content not only engages but genuinely connects with your B2B audience while maintaining brand integrity. 

To learn more about effective AI integration in B2B marketing, check out our AI resources in our AI for Marketers Content Hub. You can download resources, access tool kits, and watch on-demand video content.  

It’s time to revamp your B2B content strategy with AI at its heart. Witness how it not only grabs the attention of your target audience but also pioneers new frontiers in the B2B content landscape.

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