7 Best MarTech Tools for ABM + Demand Gen

by Paul Slack
  |  July 11, 2023  |  
July 11, 2023

7 Best MarTech Tools for ABM + Demand Gen | Dashboard icon with graphs

Combining Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with demand generation works great for targeting high-value key accounts and growing pipelines. We’ve covered the strategies and tactics quite a bit in other articles. This one will focus on the best Martech tools to effectively identify, engage, and nurture target accounts throughout their buyer journey. 

Be sure to check out our other blogs on ABM + Demand generation, where we break down each part of the following framework in detail.

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There are over 11,000 Martech tools and growing. It can feel overwhelming. However, only 7 essential Martech tools are needed to run a successful ABM and demand generation program.

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  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): The foundational MarTech tool for managing customer interactions in one place. A CRM system for running an ABM + demand gen campaign should include the ability to manage and tier key accounts and contacts. Look for a tool that provides a lead score by account and individual contact.   
  2. Marketing Automation: Marketing automation tools enable you to automate tasks and personalize marketing campaigns. Look for a tool that supports sales and marketing workflows, personalized targeting, and engagement with key accounts. This includes creating account-based lists, customizing content for specific accounts, and orchestrating personalized campaigns.
  3. Visitor Intelligence Software: Visitor intelligence software provides valuable insights by revealing the companies that visit your website. This information is crucial in moving away from relying solely on MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) and understanding which targeted companies are showing interest.
  4. Intent Data: Intent data tools allow you to identify companies actively searching for your product or service. By leveraging intent data, you can prioritize your efforts and engage with prospects more likely to convert. 
  5. Content Marketing: Content marketing tools enable you to create and distribute relevant, personalized content to your target audience. You can build content hubs and deliver engaging experiences that resonate with prospects, driving their interest and engagement.
  6. Analytics: Analytics tools play a crucial role in measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. As the analytics landscape evolves, you’ll need tools beyond Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to gain actionable insights across your entire digital footprint, not only your website. 
  7. Dashboards: Comprehensive dashboards provide a holistic view of your digital footprint and activities across various channels. They help you monitor and track targeted accounts’ engagement, including their social media, website, and email interactions.

The Challenge with Integrating a Complex MarTech Stack

Integrating lots of marketing tools can be tricky. It can feel like juggling chainsaws and bowling balls at the same time. If the tools don’t play nice together, they’ll create headaches and disruptions in your sales and marketing workflow. Common challenges include:

  • Integration complexity: Complex integrations hinder smooth ABM campaign execution, causing inefficiencies and delays. Zappier can only go so far in getting different tools to talk together. When you’re done, it can feel like your stack is supported by duct tape and baling wire. 
  • Difficulty in collaboration: Poor collaboration across teams or MarTech tools disrupts cohesive ABM + demand generation efforts, leading to fragmented messaging and missed opportunities.
  • Inconsistent data: Inaccurate or unreliable data negatively affects ABM execution, resulting in ineffective personalization and missed engagement chances.
  • Breakdown in tracking and measurement: Insufficient tracking capabilities impede measuring ABM effectiveness, hindering data-driven decision-making and optimization.

What is the ideal MarTech platform for ABM and demand generation campaigns? HubSpot is the ideal marketing technology platform for executing ABM and demand-generation campaigns. With its comprehensive features and seamless integrations, HubSpot enables marketers and sellers to deliver exceptional customer experiences, drive revenue, and foster long-term relationships.

Why HubSpot is a Great Tool for Running ABM + Demand Gen

We partnered with HubSpot because they provide all the necessary tools and integrations for a successful ABM and demand generation strategy. With HubSpot, you can quickly get started, simplify your efforts, and achieve better results and scalability than using multiple tools separately.

End-to-End ABM Campaigns in Your CRM:

You have the backbone for successful ABM + demand generation campaigns with HubSpot. It is an all-in-one solution offering CRM, marketing automation, and reporting capabilities. It enables you to maintain clean data seamlessly, ensure account visibility across sales and marketing, and scale campaigns with powerful automation. 

Account Identification and Growth:

HubSpot enables you to identify and grow target accounts by monitoring activities from anonymous visitors. You can load your targeted account list into HubSpot, and it provides insights and reports on their engagement. This functionality helps you focus on the most promising prospects and nurture them effectively.

Sales and Marketing Alignment:

HubSpot provides a shared view of all object records, ensuring transparency, alignment, and coordination between marketing and sales teams. With HubSpot, you can ensure that your ABM and demand generation efforts are well-coordinated and maximize their impact.

Content Personalization:

HubSpot offers robust features for content personalization, enabling you to create tailored experiences for your audience. This capability helps you deliver relevant content and increase engagement. By leveraging HubSpot’s content personalization features, you can deliver personalized messages at scale that resonates with your prospects. You can increase engagement and drive conversion rates by tailoring your messaging and content to individual accounts.

Streamlined Campaign Deployment:

HubSpot offers a comprehensive set of tools for deploying ABM campaigns efficiently. From company targeting in ads and company properties in forms to smart content, landing pages, emails, and workflow automation, you can leverage a wide range of features to engage your target accounts effectively.

Plays and Workflows Management:

With HubSpot, you can easily manage plays and workflows based on specific triggers or actions. Automated workflows can be set up to notify relevant stakeholders when a lead reaches a specific score or when a particular event occurs. This functionality streamlines your ABM and demand generation processes, ensuring timely actions and efficient lead management.

Integrations Galore:

HubSpot’s extensive list of integrations adds further functionality to elevate your campaigns. Integration with Slack enables account-based collaboration, while tools like Postal.io, ZoomInfo, Bombora, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Seamless.io, and Clearbit provide contact enrichment, intent data, offline marketing capabilities, and account planning. By combining these tools with HubSpot’s CRM, marketers can deliver highly customized account-based experiences at scale.

Seamless Handoffs for a Better Customer Experience:

HubSpot enables seamless handoffs between marketing and sales through advanced sequences, company scoring, lifecycle stage management, lead rotation, tasks, notifications, custom behavioral events, lead scoring, chatbots/live chat, quotes, meetings, documents, and video. This ensures a cohesive and personalized customer experience throughout the buyer’s journey.

Reporting and Revenue Attribution:

HubSpot offers powerful reporting features like custom reports, sales and marketing analytics, ABM dashboards, and conversational intelligence. These provide valuable data-driven insights for your campaigns. Additionally, HubSpot’s ad conversion events, web analytics, and social media analytics help you track and attribute revenue generation to your ABM + demand generation marketing efforts.

Social Media Amplification:

HubSpot integrates with social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, enabling you to amplify your ABM + demand gen campaigns through targeted advertising, sponsored content, and social engagement. By syncing your ABM efforts with social media, you can expand your reach and engage decision-makers where they spend their time.

Example Use Cases

Let’s explore several out-of-the-box use cases on how you can leverage Hubspot to make ABM + demand gen magic:

  • Automatically label an account’s ICP Tier based on property value(s) 
  • Notify sales when a decision maker, budget holder, or other key buying role is engaging with your content 
  • Customize experiences for prospects based on endless conditions like a deal stage, role, content, activity, tier, ad engagement, and email interactions.  
  • Suggest content for sales to use based on user behavior 
  • Score your target accounts and use the score to fire off workflows/automation
  • Automatically label a target account based on your chosen criteria 
  • Suppress an account from email marketing during the sales process 
  • Send a gift based on deal size or deal stage 
  • Notify reps if they are both interacting with the same target account 
  • Create a deal when a full buying committee is identified
  • Notify your reps when there is a delay in signing a quote or contract

ABM + Demand Gen Will Only Work as Well as the Tools in Your MarTech Stack

ABM, combined with demand generation, has opened new doors for modern B2B marketers to reach qualified prospective customers. Successful ABM campaigns require a strategic approach and continuous optimization. You will need a robust MarTech stack that can streamline the entire process.  

HubSpot is the ideal marketing technology platform for executing these types of campaigns. With HubSpot as your backbone, you can deliver exceptional customer experiences, drive revenue, and foster long-term relationships. By aligning sales and marketing teams around key accounts, you can provide cohesive, personalized experiences that resonate with your target audience. HubSpot simplifies ABM and demand generation efforts, enabling effective targeting, content personalization, and streamlined workflows. 

Opting for an integrated tool like HubSpot avoids the pitfalls of piecing together a solution with multiple software tools. A unified platform will simplify ABM and demand generation campaigns and help you achieve your marketing goals more efficiently.

Key MarTech Tools for ABM + Demand Gen Takeaways:

  • Combining ABM with demand generation requires a robust marketing stack.
  • The 7 essential tools are; CRM, marketing automation, visitor ID, intent data, content marketing, analytics, and dashboards.
  • Picking the right tools from over 11,000 possible options can be daunting.
  • Integrating lots of marketing tools can also be tricky and will jeopardize your marketing efforts if they aren’t integrated correctly. 
  • HubSpot’s CRM, marketing automation and reporting capabilities provide a solid foundation.
  • HubSpot enables account identification, sales and marketing alignment, and content personalization.
  • The platform streamlines campaign deployment plays and workflow management, and seamless handoffs.
  • HubSpot offers extensive integrations for added functionality.
  • Reporting features in HubSpot provide valuable insights and revenue attribution.
  • Opting for an integrated tool like HubSpot simplifies ABM and demand generation efforts.

How Can We Help?

Picking the right marketing technology tools and implementing successful ABM and demand generation campaigns can be daunting. Our team of experts specializes in guiding businesses like yours through the process, ensuring you have the right tools and a strategic approach to achieve your marketing goals. We offer comprehensive services that range from tool selection and integration to campaign planning and execution. Contact us today to learn how Vende Digital can support your marketing success.

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