5 Reasons Why Size Matters with a Boutique Agency

by Paul Slack
  |  June 5, 2015  |  
June 5, 2015

by Paul Slack

I get asked a lot why I left a big agency to start another boutique agency.  The simple answer is that working with clients as a boutique is more fun and provides more flexibility to actually produce real results. This post is not an attempt to compensate for lack of size (the equivalent of buying a Corvette if you feel lacking in a certain area) but rather to point out the real reasons behind our statement that boutiques are better.

5 Reasons a Boutique Agency is Better:

  1. No bait and switch – Bigger firms tend to bring the big brains in during the sales pitch to get the potential client excited to sign up. However, as soon as the ink is dry, the client is left with inexperienced people working the account.
  2. Reasonable fees – I have always enjoyed working with smaller clients where I get to work directly with the leaders of the firm to help them make strategic moves to grow sales and profits. Smaller companies are typically not able to afford the “Big Boys.” Boutique agencies like Vende don’t have the enormous overhead that larger firms do and as a result can charge less.
  3. Experience of the team – Most boutique firms are run by highly experienced folks who specialize in various marketing approaches. Clients have the benefit of working directly with the “head-honcho,” who can see opportunities or pitfalls that only experienced eyes can see.
  4. New media vs traditional – Larger agencies tend to focus on broader marketing and try to push investing in more traditional channels of advertising like TV and print. Like Vende, many boutique firms specialize in new media such as social, search, digital, etc.  This is where the world is heading.  Interrupt-marketing is no longer tolerated by consumers. Consumers want more control.  The only world is the perfect blend of giving consumers control and marketers access to these consumers when they are interested.
  5. Conversions vs impressions – In my opinion, if you hear the term Cost Per Thousand Impressions or CPM, you should probably run for the hills. Larger firms love to talk about impressions and love to charge you by the CPM. This basically takes them off the hook to produce any real results for your company.  Can you take an impression to the bank? Heck no. Vende Digital is outcome focused. We work with our clients to determine what winning looks like for their business.  One-hundred percent of the time this has been either leads or sales….never impressions.

Now for a little back-pedaling

Large agencies have their place in the world.  There are many case studies out there about agencies with big ideas that accomplish great things.  Think about brands like Nike, Apple, Disney, GEICO.  Large firms were able to build those brands.  A firm like Vende isn’t going to make you a household name overnight.  Our focus will be to leverage the web to find the right audience, match that audience to the right product or service, and to do it in a way that won’t break the bank.

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