Vende Buzz: Google, Twitter, Pinterest strive to stay essential to marketers

by Ray Larson
  |  May 6, 2015  |  
May 6, 2015

This week’s news highlighted how Google, Twitter, and Pinterest remain relevant tools in the box of online marketers, and investors as well.

Google Is Still a Good Investment Bet

Google reported that they missed their quarterly revenue goals but revenue still rose 12 percent. With new ideas in development like “Project Fi,” a foray into the wireless communication market, Google continues to venture into unconquered areas and the rate is not slowing down. Take a google at Google on NY Times.

Point is: No matter how painful figuring out Google seems to be, the company is not losing its grip on “all things tech.” Google continues to dominate the internet and work its way into every part of our lives – and the average employee is only 32 years old.


Twitter Tweaks Message Delivery

Twitter has launched “Highlights” which will give users twice daily updates of their most relevant feeds, hoping to “help” prevent users from missing the most important tweets. This feature is currently only available on Android but will definitely be expanded. The service works similarly to Facebook’s News Feed. Other changes Twitter has made include recently beginning to offer a new private messaging service that allows messaging to non-followers and they have also updated their home page. Check out Bidness Etc. for more.

Point is — If you aren’t’ tweeting, you had better start. With more and more people catching trends in 140 character strings, not using Twitter can be a bit mistake.


More Users Use Mobile

Pew Research’s “Digital Fact Sheet” shows that in a January 2015 analysis of the 50 top visited news sites, more views came through mobile devices than desktop computers – but visits were shorter.   This echoes what other entities like Facebook have acknowledged; the internet is moving off the desktop and onto the mobile device. Read more at Pew Research Center

Point is – Your website needs to be mobile friendly. It needs to visually translate well to viewing on a mobile device, and it needs to be quick and easy to use with clean graphics and limited clutter.


Pinterest Predictive Board Picker Cuts Pinning Time

Pinterest has attracted interest as both a social media site and a leisure activity. Up to 80 percent of Pinterest traffic comes through mobile apps and a feature on the service makes it run faster on Android and iOS. The predictive board picker was designed by one of the company’s software engineers while he was still an intern. Pinterest is in the process of raising funding for expansion. See it at Venture Beat.

Point is – Not many businesses are using Pinterest as a big time marketing gig, but you shouldn’t overlook “newer” social media sites like Pinterest and Vine. In the right market, savvy web designers are working Pinterest, Reddit and Vine buttons into pages and posts.


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