Vende Buzz: Google 3D glasses, Big Ad under Fire, Buy on Pinterest

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  |  June 3, 2015  |  
June 3, 2015

by Vic Conner

You may already be “onto” the new tricks for marketing to a younger demographic but if you aren’t, get ready. Regardless of how your product is currently positioned in the market, the millennials are already here and the next generation is even more tech-savvy. They don’t even know about magazine ads but they do know Pinterest. They wouldn’t watch TV but they watch tons of online videos and can don 3D glasses without getting sea-sick. You need to think about your business and how you can get them to come to you before it is too late.

Google glasses for school, not Google Glass – but a 3D viewer

We knew it was coming when the first 3D animated picture appeared at the cinema. Google has been working on “Google Glass” – which they haven’t gotten right but maybe they have the 3D thing down. A couple of years ago, some guys in China started offering a cardboard kit, which became “Google Cardboard” to turn a tablet into a virtual reality trip – now Google has done it for real.

School kids may now have access to virtual reality 3D glasses right in the classroom. This amazing tech offers a virtual reality “field trip” under the new Google program “Expeditions”. It works the same way (but better) as the Chinese do-it-yourself version because it has all the necessary parts and they only have to fold a few cardboard pieces.

Using a tablet, teachers can lead kids on a trip offering 360-degree views of various historic sites. The Expeditions kit comes with the tablet, the cardboard viewers and even a wi-fi set up for schools that don’t have great connection. To provide content, Google has teamed up with The American Museum of Natural History, the Planetary Society and Alchemy VR.

Now, not only will they not have to turn the television channel, they don’t even have to ride the bus. See through Google’s eyes at Creativity Online.

Point is: Virtual Reality is gaining an affordable foothold. What’s next? We don’t know but it is sure to be big and highlights how different “their” experiences are.


Big companies are considering ad redo

$25 billion in media money just went up for grabs — and nobody can agree on why. In the past 6 months, at least 20 big companies have asked for media agency reviews including General Mills, P&G, Coca-Cola and Sony – just to name a few.

Media reviews are used to reassess ad spending….meaning the big guys are taking a giant look at where and how they are advertising.

The buzz is that no one really knows why it is all happening at once but marketers may be concerned about lack of transparency – what they are actually getting for those $millions and $billions they spend – or considering big changes in who they pay to manage what kind of advertising with a somewhat predictable shift to digital media – specifically online video. Get the inside news at Business Insider.

Point is: In this rapidly advancing digital market – even the big guys have to reassess and make a major overhaul on occasion. You probably can’t afford a million-dollar “media review” but you can take a look at your current marketing plan, where your competition seems to be winning, what your ROI and CPA are – and adjust accordingly.

Pinterest gets Purchasable

By “purchasable”, we don’t mean Pinterest is up for sale…the site has confirmed that it will be offering “buyable” pins.

One of the problems with Pinterest has been its pointlessness. Just sayin’ – but it has been mostly a leisure activity – fun and interesting. Usable by businesses to push their brand recognition a bit but not really in an organized fashion.

Though you can currently offer “Pin It” buttons on your website, even for each product, there has often been no way to link a pin that had been “re-pinned” back to your specific website where an item could be purchased. At best, it was a pain, at worst – impossible….now that is changing.

The big deal for Pinterest has been in-part, figuring out how to avoid being the repository for financial information. They don’t want to be responsible for purchases so they have joined up with Stripe, Braintree and Apple to make sure that “Pinterest’s servers never touch customer’s credit card information.”

Merchants and users pay no additional fees and Pinterest will apparently get a part of the transaction fee. Pine over Pinterest at Business Insider.

Point is: New social media sites are often nebulous and uncertain in terms of business value. As with Pinterest, other sites like Vine and Instagram offer no real advertising “plan” or available feedback. That said – those “interesting” sites that are mostly “fun” do provide value as exposure – and may eventually become a measurable business tool. The bonus is that this upgrade on Pinterest is free for you. How Pinterest may change and charge for advertisers has yet to be seen.


Next up: Mobile again? Yes but going “Mobile First” is more than just making your site appear ok on smartphones.

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