Tactical Wheel Makes Navigating Social Media Easy

by Paul Slack
  |  May 31, 2013  |  
May 31, 2013

Do you remember how terrifying it was the first time you got behind the wheel of a car? Think about all those things you had to remember to do. What pedal makes you go forward and which one causes you to slow down and stop? How do you signal a left or right turn? How about learning to parallel park? It was the most deadly of all elements of the dreaded driving test at the local DMV.

Simplifying Social Media

Now think about how easy it is to drive today, and how quickly it became second nature to you. Also consider that today you can grab the keys to any car and know exactly what to do behind the wheel, even if you’ve never previously driven that particular model.

 Learning social media marketing can seem equally daunting, and without learning the universal elements that are the foundation of success, businesses will have a high probability of failure in the online world. The Tactical Wheel will empower you to navigate the social media waters regardless of platform. By implementing the Tactical Wheel, you can be ensured that you’re only setting your businesses up for success but that you will also be implementing social media best practices in a consistent manner.

The Tactical Wheel provides:

  • A set of universal actions you will take, regardless of social media platform.
  • The best way to learn and understand social media marketing and how it’s going to benefit businesses.
  • A method that ensures the implementation of social media best practices.

 The tactical wheel consists of 5 Steps:

This concept integrates the tactical techniques you need to get a campaign up and running and to sustain that campaign to deliver value on an ongoing basis. The different stages of the Tactical Wheel can be implemented across all social media platforms. Just like driving a car. All cars have the same pedals and the same signals. When you learn how to drive one car, you can pretty much drive them all.

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