Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages for your products and services because the Products/Services tab on your company page goes away on April 14, 2014


As mentioned in last week’s post, it’s time to start migrating your information off of your Products/Services tab.  This post will help you navigate through the steps to set up Showcase Pages.

 Step 1: Back up your content and recommendations by copying and pasting them into a document.


Step 2: Once on your company page click the “Edit” button and select “Create Showcase Page.” You will need to give your page a unique name or LinkedIn won’t let you create the page.  Try using your product/service : company name. (i.e. Social Media Consulting: Vende Digital)


Step 3: Next you will be prompted to add an image and provide a 200 character description of your product/service. This isn’t a lot of space so you’ll have to leverage posts to the showcase page once it’s set up to get your message across. Be sure to communicate a value statement in the image. The LinkedIn Showcase Image specs are 974 X 330 pixels or larger.



Step 4: Next you will need to add a standard and square logo. You can also feature LinkedIn groups you belong to.

Here is what a completed Showcase Page looks like. It operates similar to your company page. You can add updates and even sponsor them with advertising dollars.



Users can navigate to your showcase pages from your company page.



LinkedIn Showcase Pages Pros & Cons


  • More traffic to your site. Since you will get your message across through updates, dropping links to your website should increase your traffic from LinkedIn. By sponsoring your updates you can reach a larger audience on LinkedIn than you can with the Products/Services tab today.
  • Dynamic fresh content. By default you will be forced to keep your content fresh with new updates.
  • More LinkedIn eyeballs. As soon as you launch your page LinkedIn will let your connections know. Every time you post an update your connections will also be alerted.


  • The biggest con is the added headache of additional community building and administration. Just like your Company page, your Showcase Page needs followers.  This will require additional time, effort, and energy on your part.

Net/Net – LinkedIn Showcase pages are easy to set up, can drive traffic to your site, and while they add more management on your part, they really are your only choice for highlighting your products and services after April 14th on LinkedIn.